2 DURCH MBAs plus 1 Monk = Thriving SAT/ACT Prep Startup That could Raise Rates

2 DURCH MBAs plus 1 Monk = Thriving SAT/ACT Prep Startup That could Raise Rates

Recently I received the opportunity to determine with Testive co-founders Miro Kazakoff in addition to Tom Increased to talk to these people about their feel attending DURCH Sloan Education of Direction, how it led to the main launch for Testive, and just how what they learned parallels precisely what our motor coach buses teach this students readying for the KOMMET & WORK.

Why did you choose MIT Sloan Classes of Current administration over some other MBA programs?

Jeff: MIT includes a strong make in a couple areas that interest myself: (1) Technological innovation and (2) Entrepreneurship. Technology and entrepreneurship are both the primary focus of Testive, so that ended up being a good gambled. The rules that help Testive for you to triple figuring out speed happen to be developed on MIT while I was generally there, so that was tremendous serendipity.

Miro: I had been in the startups for a long time, but I seriously wanted to take up a company. Thta i knew of I needed often the structure of faculty to make the relationships and learn the issues involved in beginning a company. MIT has the very best entrepreneurial program in the country.

May attending DURCH help you realize your goals?

Miro: Indeed, the most important thing that happened was basically that I attained Tom. Jeff was the very first person My spouse and i met on MIT as well as the most unique relationship We made to assist me to achieve our entrepreneurial ambitions. (mer…)

17 september, 2019


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